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Why College Women Need Self-Defense Products

It wasn’t too long ago that a woman going to college was a rarity. But now the number of women in colleges, community colleges and universities that have real campuses actually outnumber men. To most of us that’s an amazing statistic but true. And it doesn’t just hold true for undergraduate school. The number of women in graduate and professional schools such as medical and law schools is showing the same statistic: women are outnumbering men.

If you have been to a college campus you know how attractive they are. They are set in very picturesque surroundings. That is part of the draw of going to college.

One of the considerations, of course, especially when picking a college for a woman, is the safety on and off campus. Petty crooks are not the sharpest knives in the drawer but they’re not completely stupid either. They know that college campuses are fabulous opportunities to commit assaults, rape, robberies and practically any other crime you can think of against the young co-eds on campus.

Mom and dad pay particular attention to what the campus community tells them about the safety on-off campus. The problem is those statistics are skewed to hide the truth in many instances.

Recently, at a local college a young man had the campus and the local community in a tizzy because of all the crimes that he committed against young co-eds on and off campus. It took two weeks for him to get caught. During that time, the whole community was on edge.

Even without external lowlife crooks like that, it doesn’t take much for sexual assaults to occur.

Here’s a scenario for you to think about. You have half the student population, the females, who are young, naive and inexperienced in the way of the world. Their hormones are working. The other half of the student population, the males in the 18 to 21-year-old category, have hormones that are in overdrive.

Add some parties where they want to get to know each other. Throw in some alcohol and some drugs and you have a recipe for disaster. Not that any college-age kids would use alcohol or drugs. That’s just a possibility.

So what’s a young woman and her parents to do? First of all, they have a responsibility to make themselves aware of the potential dangers involved. Secondly arm the young woman with some Self-Defense Products like a pepper spray and a personal alarm. Even a stun device like a taser or a stun gun would be very helpful. Her safety and personal security will be greatly enhanced by protecting her from crime on and off campus.

A personal alarm is essentially a loud noisemaker with a range of up to 300 feet. It can draw attention to your situation if you feel threatened. A pepper spray can disable an assailant up to 20 feet away by spraying a powerful burning mist into his eyes. A stun device, like the C-2 taser, is similar to the tasers that police officers all across the country use, but is for civilian use, particularly by women.

Make sure they’re legal in your area. Some cities and states have restrictions on self-defense items such as stun devices and pepper sprays, so check with your local police department first before you buy one.

Once you have these self-defense items make sure that you know how to use them and practice using them so you become proficient in their use.

Check out all our Self-Defense Products to see if one isn’t perfect for your needs.

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