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Why and How to Keep Your Kids Safe from Drugs

Ronald Reagan is one of my heroes. He not only had a good sense of humor but his wisdom was profound. He was one of the best leaders our country ever had. One saying that he had that I always remember was “trust but verify.” That meant to believe what people tell you but always check it out to be sure.

There is little doubt to any impartial observer that parenting today has many more challenges than it did in the last generation with the Internet, drugs, sex all being exposed to kids even in grade school. As parents, especially when it comes to drugs, tough love or “trust but verify” is one way to go. Of course you want to believe your kids that they’re not using drugs but, for their own good, you need to verify that they are not.

There’s a lot at stake here. You cannot get a decent job without passing a drug test. Any job that has anything to do with children, for example teaching, requires a background check which almost always includes a test for drugs.

If a child has any aspirations of getting into the armed services for a career they need to be able to pass a drug test. Many insurance companies for life insurance, medical insurance or even car insurance require a drug test. Every doctor in the world wants to know if you’ve been using drugs.

There was even a situation recently where the federal government was considering making drug tests a prerequisite to getting unemployment insurance.

The fact of the matter is that being on drugs not only destroys your life from the inside out but it can destroy it from the outside too.

Doctors and hospitals use an FDA cleared test that can yield results in 5 minutes or less. It tests for marijuana, cocaine, black tar heroin, amphetamines and methamphetamines. It even tests for morphine and other opiates. It is used by corporations for pre-employment and corrections facilities to screen for drug use.

Major league baseball and professional football-even college-level athletics use this kind of test to determine the veracity of their players. No coach at any level wants their players on drugs.

As parents, part of your responsibility is to “trust but verify.” Drug tests are the best way to do that. Do it for your kids; they may not see the big picture as you do.

The One Panel Test checks for marijuana use in 5 minutes or less.

The Five Panel Test checks for marijuana, cocaine, amphetamine, methamphetamine and morphine/opiate use. It is 99.9% accurate and is used by doctors and hospitals.

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