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Who Should Investigate Campus Sexual Assaults

In our article by the same name, we asked the question ‘How Safe Is Your Daughter In College?’ As noted in the article, Time Magazine called America’s campuses ‘dangerous places.’

According to statistics that have been verified over and over again, “they show consistently that close to 20-25% of all college age women will be assaulted during their four years at an institution of higher learning.

The article also points out that:

“Close to 70% of all victims are drugged, drunk, or otherwise incapacitated.

Less than 10% of victims actually report the crime to anyone.

Only 2% of the victims actually report it to law enforcement.”

In the recent dustup at the University of Virginia, Rolling Stone magazine was accused of doing shoddy reporting because their campus rape stats were questioned. That article by Mother Jones, the famous left leaning investigative nonprofit news organization, points out that the one in five figure that is traditionally expressed, focuses on how rare it is to find a fully investigated case of campus assaults. Even more shocking than that is that only one percent of the assailants are disciplined by the school.

In this thought-provoking article two reasons are offered as to why colleges investigate campus assaults. The first is title IX passed in 1972 requires colleges to protect students from sexual assault. The second reason is a little bit more obscure. Colleges investigate cases of sexual assault on campus more for their own protection and for the protection of the students than for any semblance of justice.

Title IX was written into law to ensure women’s equality of opportunity in education. Colleges and Universities are responsible for taking action against all sexual violence regardless of the gender of students involved. Frequently, the police are not involved at all because that brings the crime into the public eye which Colleges and Universities do not want for fear of developing a bad reputation, both for fundraising and future recruitment.

According to one study done by the Chicago Tribune, only 12 arrests were made out of 171 recorded campus crimes in this six-year stretch from 2005 to 2011. In many cases the victims do not want to testify against the perpetrators who are fellow classmates.

The fear of publicity of the trial is another reason why victims don’t want to cooperate or even tell the police. Peer pressure is enormous to keep quiet. There is a fear that if there is mandatory reporting to police that more students will keep quiet and not report the crime.

The University setting is much friendlier to the victim than a law enforcement investigation which can be brutal.

If you think that the situation in the United States is confusing, then we can assure you that according to this article nothing can be further from the truth. The Sexual Assault Rate in England is one out of every three female students-much higher than that of the United States. In England they are passing new legal guidance warning colleges and universities that they may be breaking the law by refusing to investigate these campus crimes assuming that it is just a police matter. In many cases women have dropped out of university following abuse that was not adequately dealt with by the institution.

Their mantra seems to be “everyone is entitled to a life free of violence and abuse.” We say “what a concept!”

The question of who should investigate campus assaults is a long way from being resolved.

In the meantime it is highly recommended that women, especially on a University campus, carry a self-defense pepper spray. They are legal everywhere. Our friends across the pond are not so lucky where pepper sprays are illegal.

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 Have you ever experienced sexual assault while at a College or University? Please share your experience.

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