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Which One Is Better Pepper Spray Or A Stun Gun?

which is better, pepper spray or stun gun

In all the time that we have been in the home security and self-defense products business, one of the most frequently asked questions that we get is ‘which is better, a stun gun or pepper spray?’

For more information on pepper sprays you should check out our article posted recently on everything you need to know about pepper spray. It has a wealth of information about what pepper spray is and associated topics relating to pepper spray.

Then for more information about stun guns you should read our comprehensive guide to stun guns that provides information on everything you need to know about them.

But in both of those articles we do not do a side-by-side comparison such as we are going to do in this article. Here we will compare pepper sprays and stun guns and then give you a recommendation on which one(s) you should get for your personal safety and self-defense.

Purchase price-pepper sprays are definitely less expensive than stun guns even with replacement or refills of cartridges. The least expensive pepper spray that we carry is $6.75. The cost can run up to as much as $30 or $35 for a bear spray or $48.99 for a pepper gun.

Legality-pepper sprays are legal in all cities and states with a few restrictions in some cities and states. Stun guns are not legal in several states. Laws in those states are changing so keep posted on them for changes.

Range-pepper sprays have a range of as little as 6 feet to as far away as 35 feet for a bear spray. Stun guns need to be applied physically to the target for them to be effective. Many people, women especially, have a hard time with that.

Stopping power-both pepper sprays and stun guns are on average 90% effective. Windy conditions can drastically affect the stopping power of the pepper spray.

Size-is an important consideration, especially for women. Pepper sprays are generally smaller and weigh less than stun guns. But this stun gun, which is one of the smallest in the world is not much bigger than a pepper spray and weighs only two ounces.

Intimidation factor - sometimes the sight and sound of a charging stun gun is enough to frighten away an assailant. The sight of a pepper spray is never going to scare away any one.

Disguiseability - both pepper sprays and stun guns can be disguised as other products giving you the advantage of surprise in an attack.

Those are seven factors that you may consider in making a decision about whether to get a pepper spray or a stun gun.

When it comes to self-defense products, in an assault situation, your life may be at risk. We actually recommend that you carry both: a pepper spray for longer range self-defense and a stun gun for short range. That way you have two levels of defense built-in. What is not to like about that idea?

What is your experience with these products? We want to hear your thoughts.

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