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What Are The Best Disguised Products for Self Defense?

You may already know that self-defense products are extremely popular, especially with women, for their personal safety and personal protection. They are a nonlethal way to defend yourself against any kind of assault from domestic violence to robbery. The nonlethal alternative is preferred by most people.

Disguised products for self-defense give you an added edge with the element of surprise. Assailants use surprise to their advantage all the time so why shouldn’t you turn the tables on them?

Imagine, if you will, that an assailant sees you talking on a cell phone in a remote area of a parking lot. He thinks you’re distracted by talking on the phone so he decides to sneak up behind you and grab you around the neck. Little does he know that the cell phone is a disguised stun gun. You zap him a couple of times and he takes off. That’s just one example of how effective disguised products for self-defense can be.

There are several pepper sprays that are disguised as lipstick dispensers, kubatons and one even as a perfume spray. One example is called “hot lips” and it is 2 million Scoville heat units with a 15% concentration of oleoresin capsicum. It is available in black, pink, red or silver. It has 20 half-second bursts up to as far as 20 feet away. It has a 24 month shelf life.

Another one is in a container that’s made out of aerospace aluminum and has an O-ring sealed tip that prevents any leakage. It contains 3 half second bursts up to 3 feet away and uses a 10% concentration of oleoresin capsicum. That model is available in black, pewter, violet and pink.

But one of the unique ones is a perfume pepper spray that uses the 17% concentration of oleoresin capsicum and contains 20 grams of pepper spray. It’s available in black, pink and purple.

As far as disguised products for self-defense in the stun gun category, the most popular ones are cell phone stun guns. They are excellent for personal safety and personal protection. One that stands out has a lifetime warranty and is 3.8 million volts and looks just like a smart phone. It has a safety switch to prevent accidental discharge and has a built-in LED flashlight. It uses rechargeable technology, so it saves you money on batteries. It includes a premium leather case with quick release strap and a free Guard Dog 18% Pepper Spray canister.

The Perfume Pepper Spray uses a 15% concentration of oleoresin capsicum.

The Guard Dog Smart Phone Stunner is 3.8 million volts and looks just like a smart phone.

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