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Top Three Self-Protection Devices – Police Grade

police taser

Many people are under the mistaken impression that all police equipment is made especially for law enforcement only and that is true in some cases. For example is the less than lethal self-defense item called taser. Taser international makes several products that are just for law enforcement use. But for civilians many items that were originally designed for police are now available for their use too. And conversely, many stores that advertise themselves as law enforcement supply houses sell to civilians.

And as you can imagine, if the police use them they must be pretty darn good. Here are the top three best-selling products that are available for civilians as well as law enforcement authorities.

First on the list is the expandable solid steel baton that expands from 10 inches to 26 inches at the flick of a wrist. In the hands of someone who knows what they’re doing a simple baton can be a devastating self-defense tool and actually can be used as an offensive weapon as well. This device is made of high quality solid steel and is similar to the ones used by security guards and police officers the world over. It has a rubber grip handle that helps you keep a firm grip and comes with a heavy-duty nylon holster with belt loop. When retracting the baton make sure that you hold it vertically and hit it on a solid surface not made of wood.

The second best-selling product of police equipment for civilian use is the stun flashlight with 4.5 million volts in a sturdy alloy, shock proof body. The light itself is 160 lumens with a bulb life of up to 100,000 hours. It is fully rechargeable and has a rigid no slip grip on the handle and comes in a nylon carrying case. As with all “Guard Dog” products it comes with a free 18%. pepper spray canister.

Then the third best-selling product of police equipment for civilian use is the powerful Fox Labs® Police Spray that is used by police and law enforcement agencies all over the world. It fires 18 half second bursts up to 20 feet away. It contains UV dye for assailant identification later. It has a three-year shelf life and is one of few pepper sprays in the world that is taser compatible. It is 5.3 million Scoville heat units making it the world’s hottest pepper spray.

Those are three of the best-selling products of police equipment that are available for civilian use. They are some of the most effective self-defense items in the marketplace.

Please check out all of our other Police Equipment to see if some of it will work for you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How many volts in a police taser?

Police tasers emit 50,000 volts of electricity. In comparison, static electricity is around 20,000 volts and a deadly lightning strike reaches 2,000,000 volts.

How much does a taser pulse cost?

A taser pulse costs in the high $300 for the original model and slightly more for the pulse+ model which offers easier to replace batteries and a service that alerts police when you use it.

How to use a taser pulse?

To use a taser pulse you need to push the yellow safety switch upward with your thumb. This will cause the targeting laser to come on, aim the laser as the center of the target and pull the trigger. This will fire electrically charged darts connected to copper wires, after immediately getting hit the target will seize up and be disabled in immense pain.

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