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The Tornado Self Defense System-Three In One Self Defense

Even Vice President Joe Biden has said that crime will increase as the number of law enforcement officers decrease. That’s a pretty chilling statement because many people believe that crime is way too high already. In a recent speech Biden said that crimes such as rapes and murders will go up if more law enforcement officers are not hired.

Whether you agree with him or not is not the point. Crime is already too high and is likely to go up not because of the reasons that Biden cited but because of the poor economy, which drives people to do things that otherwise they wouldn’t do. Crimes like robbery, assaults, home burglaries and home invasions often offer the bad guys some quick money at little risk.

What are our citizens supposed to do? In our humble opinion the best thing you can do is to arm yourself with some self-defense products. One of the best self-defense items on the market today is a self-defense system called the Tornado. It is one of only a handful of products that provides self-defense in several ways all-in-one product. That makes it unique.

Like all self-defense items, this self-defense system is only meant to give you time to escape a threatening situation. The spray will incapacitate an assailant for up to 30 or more minutes allowing you sufficient time to escape should you feel threatened.

This Personal Security Product is slightly larger than today’s modern cell phones. It’s 3 1/2 inches tall and 2 1/4 inches wide. There are some accessories available to allow for easy access including an armband accessory which allows you to reach the Tornado in less than 1 second.

This personal security product has three self-defense items in one distinct case. The first is a personal alarm that sounds at 125 dB. This can alert people to your situation if you feel you need help The second is a blinding strobe light. And the third is a full strength 10% solution of oleoresin capsicum, the main ingredient in pepper sprays.

It has enough spray to fire up to 10 one second bursts of 15 feet or less, making it one of the longest range pepper sprays in the industry.

What is so cool about this self-defense system is it is great for female self-defense because once the pepper spray is activated the strobe light and personal alarm automatically engaged making this personal security product one of the most effective self-defense items in the world.

It has all the capability you will ever need for female self-defense.

The Tornado Self Defense System is one on many Pepper Sprays we have available.

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