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Students-How To Record College Lectures-Two Easy Ways

I remember back to the good old days when I was in college (about 100 years ago) or so it seems. The thought was then the key to getting a good grade in a course was showing up, participating and taking good notes. Not sure how good I was at any of those. Taking good notes was definitely my weak point. I seemed to write a lot, but always the stuff that wasn’t important. And there was no way to go back and re-create the scene.

But technology has changed all that. There are tons of products out there now that can help students record college lectures. Here are two the best.

The first is the Spy Pen Voice Recorder.

It has an internal memory of 256 MB that can record 36 hours in LP mode. It has an advanced microphone that features automatic sensitivity control for ideal quality and has a rechargeable battery that recharges in four hours by plugging it in with the USB cable.

The second is Motion Detector Spy Camera. This spy camera uses an 8 GB chip to record audio and video. The highly sensitive microphone can clearly capture sounds in a 15 m² area-bigger than most classrooms.

So don’t leave your professors words to chance. Get one of these high-tech products and record word for word what your Professor says. You may even get an A.

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