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Self Defense Products Choices

Law enforcement agencies and military units have long known about self-defense products. Some of them been around for thousands of years like pepper sprays. Modern-day pepper sprays have only been used since the 1980s. Stun guns were invented back in the 1930s and have really only blossomed in the last 20 years or so.

So self-defense items like pepper sprays and stun guns have had a longer time to establish a great track record. Newer products like tasers have only been around for the last 10 years or so and are rapidly catching up in terms of a great track record.

Self-defense products offer a nonlethal alternative to deadly force for female self-defense and self-defense in general. Police officers use self-defense products all the time in the performance of their duties. It is one of the alternatives they have in their “continuum of force.” Pepper sprays and some kind of stun device are on every utility belt of every law enforcement officer in the country. That’s a pretty strong endorsement!

When you’re looking for a nonlethal alternative to deadly force you eventually are going to turn to self-defense products for your self-defense and female self-defense. There are hundreds of manufacturers of these products out there with thousands of choices so it can be a little bit confusing.

Pepper Sprays-they are the smallest of all self-defense products and the cheapest, with prices starting as low as $4.95. They all do the same thing but do it in different ways. They use a derivative of one of the hottest peppers in the world called the cayenne pepper. The derivative is known as oleoresin capsicum or OC. When sprayed on an assailant’s face it causes intense pain, tearing of the eyes, coughing, choking and makes breathing difficult. The effects only last for 45 minutes giving you more than enough time to get away from a dangerous situation. Pepper sprays are the most popular self-defense product in the world. They are on average 86% effective.

Stun Guns are second most popular self-defense product in the world then. They are close to 90% effective. Stun guns are little bit more expensive, but you can get a very high-voltage stun gun for less than $20. They say in use over works most system needing all blood sugars in so the guy is no energy left. Some stun guns can be disguised as ball point pens and camera cell phones which make them highly effective as a self-defense tool especially for female self-defense.

Tasers are a specialty form of the stun gun which is nearly 100% effective. TASERS are most commonly used by law enforcement officers in United States to subdue assailants. They shoot out two barbs that are electrified that can travel up to 15 feet away for civilians. Once a barb hits the target the electrical charge takes over. Tasers are more effective than a 9 mm handgun according to studies.

Personal Alarms are loud noisemakers to draw attention to a potentially dangerous situation. They too are low-cost and are highly effective, but they will not disable an assailant.

The Home Security SuperStore is one of the oldest and largest independent distributors of high quality self defense products including tasers, safety products for seniors and kids, pepper sprays, hard to find home security devices, security and hidden cameras, specialized products like GPS trackers and our newest line-Survival Gear.

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