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Self-Defense-Do You Need A Self-Defense Item?

That is the question for many women and men, for that matter, who are concerned about their own self-defense. Female self-defense and personal security and personal safety are on the minds of many people these days as crime rates go up.

Gang activity, drugs, domestic violence, burglary, robbery, rape, murder, assault, carjacking and home invasions all seem to be statistically on the increase. In some cities the gang problem has gotten so bad that police departments are trying to negotiate with them. What has this country come to?

Self-defense has been one of the foundations of a free society going back to biblical times. The right to bear arms has always been a hallmark of freedom.

Many people think that the decrease in the number of people sworn to protect us-law enforcement agencies-can prevent the number of crimes from increasing. Recently Vice President Biden made that same remark. To my humble way of thinking that is ridiculous. As good as our law enforcement agencies are, they are not designed to prevent crime from happening. They may act as a deterrent but they will never prevent a murder from happening. They will never prevent an assault from happening, or domestic violence or robbery or home burglary.

Their main focus is to investigate the crime and apprehend the criminal. Prevention is largely up to the individual. It is always been that way.

That is why self-defense is such a huge business. It teaches people how to protect themselves from others who would do them harm. Self-defense products augment the self-defense of individuals. Self-defense items are not lethal and are meant to allow you time to escape a threatening situation and seek help (from law enforcement). They definitely help with personal safety.

The most common of these Self-Defense Items are stun guns, pepper sprays and personal alarms. Tasers have received a lot of publicity lately and are just a variation of a stun device. They are most commonly used by law enforcement agencies because they are considerably more expensive, but there are civilian versions available such as the C-2 taser, which was developed specifically for use by women.

Pepper sprays use a derivative of a very hot pepper that can incapacitate an assailant for up to 30 minutes by causing tearing of the eyes, shortness of breath, difficulty breathing, and pain that is very significant. Like other self-defense items there’s no long-lasting damage.

Stun guns use an electrical charge when applied for a few seconds to the body depletes it of all blood sugars that are needed for energy by causing the body to overwork rapidly so the assailant has no energy left to do anything. The effects last about five to ten minutes.

Personal alarms, sometimes called panic alarms, are nothing more than loud noisemakers that draw attention to your situation by making a loud 125 dB or more noise which frequently will scare an assailant away.

Do you need a self-defense item for your personal safety? I’ll let you decide. They provide a very inexpensive insurance policy in a very dangerous world.

Always keep some Self-Defense Items with you like a stun gun or a pepper spray or both-just in case.

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