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Safety Beam Sensor Alarm For Home Or Business

Here is a motion detector alarm that uses an infrared beam between two sensors that can be as much as 60 feet apart. It can double as a visitor chime by day and a powerful security alarm at night. When the infrared beam is crossed a loud alarm or pleasant chime sounds depending on how you have it set.

The chime can be used in a retail store so it announces a customer or alerts you when someone goes in a protected area that might be off limits. Another possible use is to use it as an invisible playpen to alert you if your child or pet is leaving a safe area. The chime mode can be set to low, medium or high.

The unit includes a transmitter and receiver and two AC adapters. The Laser Beam Sensor Alarm is one of the most effective devices of its kind. It can be wall mounted or set on a table or ledge.

Please check all of our other Motion alarms. They are all very effective and have slightly different capabilities. One of the may be your just right for your home or business.

Feedback on these posts is welcomed. Have you used a motion sensor like this? Please share your experience. We want to hear your thoughts.

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