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Protecting Your Kids Online By Monitoring Their Computer’s Activity

Back when I was growing up in the Middle Ages, the worst thing that my parents had to worry about was whether or not I broke one of the neighbor’s windows with a baseball. Nowadays parents have all kinds of worries about their kids growing up. Drugs, sex, rock ‘n roll-some things never change. But what has changed is the computer age that has brought the world into your child’s bedroom or wherever he has a computer.

Internet predators are constantly looking for new targets. Porn sites the same thing.

Do you think you need to monitor your child’s computer? Only if you want to live up to your responsibility as an adult and parent. Part of parenting is your duty to keep them out of trouble or at least try. Computer monitoring is one way. As hard as you try, they will always find a way to beat you.

But here are a couple of computer monitoring programs that can help you see what’s going on in your child’s Internet world for child safety.

The first is a PC software program that can capture screenshots, programs used and log all websites visited with Internet Explorer. It does key logging and allows you to know everything that happens on their computer even when you’re miles away. It works by inserting a USB into the computer, installing the software, remove it and leave. It has a stealth mode that allows you to keep the software running without anyone knowing. It can covertly send logs of activity via e-mail to you.

And the second way is a USB recovery stick for Windows operating systems. This allows you to recover images that have been deleted from a digital camera or recover files that have been deleted or any data on your Windows operating system that has been lost. You don’t need to worry anymore about accidentally deleting files, photos, or any other kind of data. It uses the same kind of technology law enforcement agencies use for forensics. When you are in forensic mode the footprint made by an entry is deleted, so there is no trace on the target hard drive.

These are both perfect tools for monitoring children’s computer activity or your employees’ computer usage. They are easy, so easy in fact, even a novice computer geek-to-be can do it.

One of my favorite expressions from Ronald Reagan years ago was “trust but verify.” He was talking about the old Soviet Union, here we are talking about your kids or your employees. Ask them first and then verify with one of these programs.

The Eagle Eye PC Surveillance Software allows you to covertly monitor any computer activity.

The Windows USB Data Recovery tool allows you to recover lost files, photos or other data.

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