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One Way To Fight iCrime Or Apple Picking

ICrime is becoming more popular now because it is easy and profitable with so many people using iPods and iPhones. Today we take a look at one great way to fight iCrime.

IPhones are one of the most popular items for petty burglars to steal. It seems that men and women alike are constantly using them. That makes them good targets for theft.

This Wall street Journal article from July of 2012 discusses ways to fight what they call iCrime.

In the article they point out that “national data isn’t available, but in New York (city alone), there were more than 26,000 incidents of electronics theft in the first 10 months of 2011—81% involving mobile phones—according to an internal police-department document.” They add that the numbers may be vastly under-counted because since so many don’t involve violence, victims don’t even bother reporting them.

What Is Apple Picking Or iCrime

Here is a good definition of iCrime or Apple picking. “ICrime, also known as “Apple picking,” is the theft of Apple devices such as iPhones, iPods and iPads. The crime also includes illegal acts associated with the thefts, which have included assault and murder. The motive for iCrime is usually profit — a second-hand iPhone can yield $400.”

Since users of iPads and iPhones carry them openly it is easy for them to be stolen in a quick grab and clean getaway.

Recently a coalition of police chiefs from 70 major metropolitan areas described the iCrime wave as an “epidemic’ and requested that U.S. wireless carriers take action. As of July 2012, New York police chief Ray Kelly reported that 40% of all items stolen in the city were Apple devices thereby the name “Apple picking.”

Of all the different types of stun devices available including regular stun tools, stun batons, flashlight stun models and others, cell phone stun guns are one of the most popular for two reasons. First they are pretty cool looking-disguised as an iPhone or as a regular cell phone. And because they are disguised, they give users an added advantage of surprise in an attack.

For a good explanation on what stun devices do, see our article on the Comprehensive Guide To Stun Guns.

Just imagine if you will, that a robber sees you talking on what he thinks is an iPhone and as he reaches out to steal it. You activate it and power up 3.5 million volts and zap him. We think he will not bother you again!

Here Are Some Excellent Ways To Fight iCrime or Apple Picking.

  1. One of the most popular stun devices that is disguised as a cell phone is this 3.5 million volt rechargeable model made by Velpro. It is only 4 ½ inches tall and has a safety switch to prevent accidental firing. What makes this model so popular is the fact that it sells for $19.95-an excellent best buy!
  2. Another popular model is this rechargeable distinctively pink 5.5 million volt Immoblizer made by Streetwise. It has six LED super bright lights o light the way. It also has a lifetime warranty and is only 4 inches tall.
  3. Another great way to stop Apple picking is with this Guard Dog self-defense stunner that is 3.8 million volts of stopping power disguised as a smart phone.

You may find more useful information in our post called What To Look For In A Nonlethal Stun Device

Have you ever been a victim of Apple picking? Please share your experience. 

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