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New Home Security Tool-Night Vision Camera With DVR

New Home Security Tool-Night Vision Camera With DVR

There is no doubt that one of the best home security tools you can have is a security camera or surveillance camera. First it acts as a deterrent to home burglars who would be absolutely crazy to enter house if they saw it was protected with a security camera. Secondly if they are dumb enough to break into a house with a security camera they are certain to get caught.

This Night Vision Camera with DVR receiver has many features that make it unique. It has motion activation detection up to 15 feet away with clear visibility at night up to 50 feet and has a date/time stamp, two-way talking capabilities that allow you to speak on both ends of the camera. It is in a waterproof camera housing that can be placed 328 feet away from the wireless receiver giving you enormous coverage. It supports up to 16 GB SD card and the receiver can handle up to four cameras.

Police will tell you that the chances of catching a burglar if you have video of him breaking into your house increase by over 50%. Are you ready to get one?

Feedback on these posts is appreciated. Have you ever used a home security camera? Please share your experience. We want to hear your thoughts.

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