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$100 Off TASER BOLT I Best Self-Defense Weapon!
Today’s offer: :: | $100 Off TASER BOLT I Best Self-Defense Weapon!
Today’s offer: : :
 $100 Off TASER BOLT I Best Self-Defense Weapon!

New Disguised Stun Devices In Our Store

The origins of stun guns go back to the 1930’s when a cattle prod was first used. Back then they were big, bulky and ugly. A 10,000 volt prod was meant to move cattle from one place to another. They were originally adapted to civilian use about 25 years ago. Law enforcement and military uses have been around longer than that. There isn’t a law enforcement officer in the country that doesn’t carry some kind of stun device on his utility belt. They are second only to pepper sprays in terms of overall popularity in the United States.

Stun Master® brand stun guns have been around for about 20 years and are one of the premier manufacturers of self-defense items especially for females.

In our article entitled ‘Comprehensive Guide To Stun Guns’ it describes what they are, how they work and how to use them. I also describe the different types of stun guns including disguised and flashlight models. I highly recommend that you read this guide before you buy a stun gun.

Today we will introduce you to five new stun guns, four of them from Stun Master®. They are powerful, sleek and represent excellent value for your self-defense product budget.

The first one is this Stun Master® rechargeable 9,000,000 volt flashlight stun gun that comes with a nylon holster with belt loop for hands-free carrying. It also includes a wall charger and a car charger. It weighs only 18 ounces and is 7.25 inches long.

Streetwise has come out with this new 18,000,000 volt Fake Vaporizer E-Cig Stun Gun that comes in black or pink – your choice. It is made to look like a real electronic cigarette that can fool just about anybody. The triple stun technology uses three points of contact creating a larger stun radius. It is made of shockproof military grade aluminum for durability. The handle is etched and ribbed for a no slip grip. It does not work as an e-cigarette. It is only 4 ounces and 6.25 inches long and comes with a USB charging cable for easy recharging.

Then Stun Master® uses an aircraft quality aluminum body to store this 20,000,000 volt 120 lumen flashlight stun baton that comes with a charging cord for the built-in rechargeable lithium-ion battery. A firm rubber grip helps hold onto this 20 ounce nearly 15 inch long flashlight stun baton. Like all Stun Master® products it has a lifetime warranty.

Stun Master ® is proud to introduce this rechargeable 15,000,000 volt, 4.7 mA flashlight stun gun that is just under 10 inches long and weighs 1.3 pounds. The lithium ion battery can be recharged in any standard wall outlet.

And last but not least is this Stun Master® brand 18,000,000 volt USB charger stun gun flashlight that is also made out of aircraft quality aluminum. We have always been partial to multi-functional devices and this unit is no exception. It combines a blinding strobe light, the power of an 18,000,000 volt stun device and a USB port that can recharge almost all smart phones, tablets and many other electronic devices.

Please give us your opinion about these new products. Honestly, what do you think of them?

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