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Must-Have Tactical Products to Buy on Black Friday

Must-Have Tactical Products to Buy on Black Friday

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Black Friday is going to look different this year due to COVID. But that doesn’t mean that the deals are suddenly gone. Truthfully, retailers are going to be changing their tactics from one-day deals to week-long shopping sprees. How do you make the most of this change? 

Rather than buying the usual sale products that are sold on Amazon, search instead for must-have tactical products. What are tactical products? They are multi-use self-defense weapons and tools that are utilized to keep you safe in any situation. 

Use this Black Friday as a time to get a tactical device that will keep you safe in 2021. Here are some of the best tactical products you should look for during this year’s holiday deals.

Taser® Pulse+ Subcompact Shooting Stun Gun W/ Noonlight

The Taser® Pulse+ is a premier tactical product to own for personal self-defense. This device can scare off an assailant just by engaging it, thanks to the aggressive electric crackling coming from the engaged electrode. But when fired and coming into contact with an assailant, millions of volts will be transferred, causing temporary paralysis due to loss of muscle function. Better yet, the integrated Noonlight app works by instantly alerting authorities whenever your Taser® Pulse+ is fired. 

This device allows you to not to take chances. Instead, you have the ultimate line of defense on your side. 

Streetwise™ Barbarian 19" Led Stun Gun Baton 9m

The Streetwise™ stun gun baton is an excellent device that can keep you safe. Whether stored underneath your car’s driver seat or in a backpack, this 19-inch baton is made of military-grade aluminum alloy, making it a sturdy, reliable device that can stop an assailant with a swift strike. Add the electrode devices at the tip, which emit 9 million volts of Triple Stun Technology, and you can electrocute an especially aggressive assailant in an instant. 

Its added 3-watt CREE LED flashlight makes the device even better, allowing it to act as a standard flashlight for early-morning or nighttime use and letting you carry a useful device that can be instantaneously converted into a self-defense weapon when needed. 

Taser® X26P Police Stun Gun w/ Targeting Laser

Trusted by police officers around the globe, the Taser® X1 Shooting Stun Gun is a law-enforcement-grade self-defense weapon that has accuracy up to 15 feet in distance. Electrode probes emit millions of volts of electricity, which can disrupt an assailant’s natural electrical impulses, halting them in their tracks by causing temporary paralysis, involuntary muscle contractions, and more. 

Additionally, an added cartridge turns this Taser into a 50,000-volt contact stun gun if you happen to miss your target, providing you with a physical means of protection against continued harm. 

Streetwise™ Sting Blade Stun Gun Knife & Flashlight

Sometimes you want a tactical device that combines multiple types of defense in one package. The Streetwise™ Sting Blade Stun Gun Knife & Flashlight is just that, acting as a 3-in-1 multi-tool device that features a three-mode flashlight (high, low, and strobe), a 22-million volt stun gun, and a built-in stainless steel utility knife. This multi-use tool allows you to remain safe at all times while providing you with illumination to see in the early morning or late at night.  

Streetwise™ 18 Keychain Pepper Spray UV Marking Dye 3/4 Oz.

This keychain pepper spray device packs a punch in just a ¾ oz canister. Delivering 180,000 SHU (Scoville Heat Units), this mini pepper spray will stop an assailant in their tracks, causing serious enough pain that will make it difficult to see for a good 45 minutes. Furthermore, an added marking dye will stain the clothes and skin of an assailant, making them readily identifiable to police—who can be called after you engage this device against an attacker.  

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Streetwise™ Panic Alarm w/ Door Strap & Led Light 130db

Sometimes the best tactical device is one that brings attention to you. This Streetwise™ Panic Alarm emits a piercing 130 dB alarm and flashing light when engaged. Easily stored in your pocket, vehicle, pocketbook, or nightstand, this device will cause a potential robber or assailant to go running scared, hoping not to bring attention to themselves, thanks to the shrieking noise emitted from this panic alarm. 

Streetwise™ USB Secure Keychain Stun Gun 22m Black

Not every stun gun needs to be the size of a firearm. The Streetwise™ USB Stun Gun is a 22-million volt stun gun contained in a device that looks like a USB stick, making it easy to store alongside the keys on your keychain. The amount of electricity emitted by this small tool can incapacitate an assailant for up to ten minutes, providing you with ample time to get away with ease. 

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This Black Friday, skip getting a 4K television and forego buying that video game console. Buy something that will protect you instead. Keep an eye out for Black Friday sales at The Home Security Superstore. You might just find the tactical self-defense product right for you. 


What is a tactical weapon? 

A weapon used for immediate, effective defensive purposes, allowing you to incapacitate or immobilize an attacker to remain safe. 

How does a Taser compare to a stun gun? 

Whereas a stun gun relies on physical contact between the device and an assailant, a Taser fires electrodes at an assailant. 

What’s the best keychain weapon? 

There are many options available on the market, but our favorites include the Streetwise™ USB Stun Gun or ¾ oz Pepper Spray.

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