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Motion Activated Spy Cameras-Customer Preferred Models

Hidden cameras come in many different styles including ones that hide the camera inside common everyday objects, so-called body worn cameras that may include audio capabilities as well as video, and cameras that can be hidden just about anywhere. They can be used for small business security, home security, child monitoring and many other valuable applications.

There are spy cameras that have a built in DVR, models that can be used inside your car, nanny cameras, motion activated cameras and just about any conceivable surveillance camera to monitor your home or business.
In this article we will talk about some of the most popular customer preferred spy cameras available today. They are motion activated spy cameras that only record when there is activity in front of the lens.

The first one looks like a passive infrared motion sensor, a common home security product. But inside this HD PIR Camera is a high definition, high resolution motion activated camera that records every time there is even the slightest movement in front of the lens. It is very small measuring only 4″ x 2 7/16″ x 1 1/8″. It has night vision capability up to 26 feet away even in complete darkness. A pre-motion trigger saves the three seconds before motion started and three seconds after the motion stopped. All video is recorded with the time and date stamp which makes for easy retrieval. It will record on an SD card up to 32 GB in size. It comes with the hardware to mount it on a wall, a remote control, AV cables for viewing the picture directly to TV and a USB cable for downloading the video to your computer.

The most popular customer preferred spy camera is called the Video Patrol Camera which is completely wireless and requires no software. It is actually meant to be used outdoors and consequently is completely weatherproof. It looks like an air freshener, but is a motion activated infrared sensor that records color video and snaps full-color photos. It has an effective range up to 23 feet away and is compatible with Windows XP, Windows 7 and Windows Vista. It comes with the mounting hardware. Because it looks like an innocent air freshener it makes for an excellent nanny camera aside from other home security uses. It uses four AA batteries which are not included.

Those are the most popular, customer preferred motion spy cameras that can be used for home security or as nanny cameras.

We have a total of 92 Motion Spy Cameras for you to choose from. One of them will certainly meet your needs.

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