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List of Our Top Three Brightest Tactical Flashlights

According to Wikipedia “A tactical light is a flashlight used in conjunction with a firearm to aid low light target identification, allowing the marksman to simultaneously aim and illuminate the target. Tactical lights can be hand-held or mounted to the weapon with the light beam parallel to the bore. Tactical lights also serve a role as a method of non-lethal force, used to temporarily blind and disorient targets.”

Flashlights are about as common an item as you can get. They are used for all kinds of emergency purposes. They are used for everything from signaling to finding your way in darkened areas of your house notably your basement during power outages.

I have always carried a flashlight in my car. One of the first things an automobile club like AAA will tell you is to carry a flashlight. Flashlights are good for emergency lighting of all kinds. If your house or car doesn’t have a flashlight then you should think seriously about getting one for both your house and your car and actually you should have several flashlights for your house.

Here are three great flashlights that can be used for more than tactical purposes. They can also “serve a role as a method of non-lethal force, used to temporarily blind and disorient targets.”

The guard dog flashlight has three modes, including an emergency strobe all at 240 lumens. It is water-resistant and has a rechargeable battery with car and wall charger. The crusher end allows escape through glass in emergency situations.

The Halo Tactical Flashlight is a great example. It has five light settings, including an ultra bright, emergency strobe and SOS all at 290 lumens. It is so bright that it can be seen by an aircraft from above. It is 100% rechargeable which saves you money on batteries. It is weather resistant and shockproof and constructed of aircraft aluminum grade alloy with a wrist strap. The emergency strobe and SOS settings are particularly useful for a stranded motorist. It has an emergency glass breaker face in case of fire, smoke, or car accident.

The Strion tactical flashlight is 160 lumens and is less than 6 inches long with a 1 inch diameter, making it one ultra compact rechargeable lithium-ion battery tactical flashlight. The Strion LED has a multifunction push button tactical tail switch for easy one-handed operation. Each unit is individually serial numbered for positive identification.

Those are three of the most powerful tactical flashlights that can be used in self-defense situations to blind or disorient an assailant.

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