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Jaw Dropping-Sophisticated Hidden Cameras Without Wiring

nanny cam

Today we’re introducing you to nine Xtreme Life® hidden spy cameras we are carrying at our online store that amazingly does not need any wires or cables.

These spy cameras have a 10,000 mAh battery that allows for 16 hours of continuous use and a 90 days standby period in HD 1280 x 720 recording. They also have a motion trigger feature which means you only record when there’s activity in front of the camera lens. They all support up to a 64 GB SD card. You’ll find these cameras are ideal for those who need to place a hidden camera in an area that does not have any power. Some of them are water resistant so they can be used outdoors. The EZ-SEE App can be downloaded from Google Play or the Apple Store with links to both readily available. This App features remote live-view surveillance from your Android and iOS Mobile and has an unbelievable four x zoom view.

The first one is an ordinary looking Tissue Box that can fit into any situation home, office or business and never looks out of place. It has IR sensors for hassle free nighttime recording. It is Wi-Fi enabled and can stream video in real time with the “EZ SEE” app mentioned above. You can record in motion detection mode or continuously.

Then to our mind, the perfect outdoor surveillance tool is this Outdoor Garden Rock with a built-in Wi-Fi spy camera that can covertly record surveillance. It enables you to get instant mobile alerts when someone is in the vicinity of the camera. Of course since it is an outdoor rock, it is water resistant. All video has time and date stamps. The camera has an amazing 140° viewing angle.

No one would suspect they are being recorded with this attractive Outdoor Bird Feeder as shown above that has an XL wide angle lens to allow for 140° viewing, IR sensors for night time recording and PIR motion detection recording that preserves the battery.

Some other Xtreme Life® hidden spy cameras we are carrying are an outdoor cable Box, mantle clock, plant, air freshener and a wall clock all with similar great features.

Then there’s this cuddly Teddy Bear shown here that makes a perfect nanny camera because it has no wires. Inside is a powerful camera with Wi-Fi capabilities that streams high definition 720 P resolution live video feeds to any smart device. This teddy bear is only designed for indoor use.

When you have difficult situations that call for covert recording, more than likely Xtreme Life® hidden spy cameras are the answer.

Give us your thoughts on our new cameras that require no wires or cables. How would you use them?

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