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Home Security With Motion Detector Alarms

There was an incident last week out in Los Angeles where a woman was working in her upstairs office alone. Unbeknownst to her an intruder got into her house through a rear patio door that was unlocked.

Fortunately she had installed the safety beam laser Motion Detector Alarm in two of the rooms downstairs. When the intruder crossed the laser beam a loud alarm sounded. She immediately picked up the phone and called police but by the time they got there, the intruder had escaped not to be seen again.

This is one example of how motion detector alarms can work. They can alert you to an intruder of course so you can take appropriate action. But even if you’re not home, the sound is enough to scare them away. One of the most famous motion detector alarms is the electronic watchdog which when armed and an intruder enters a protected area the sound of a barking dog starts. They are all effective at protecting your home.

You can check out all of our other Motion Detector Alarms to see if one of them would work in your home.

Feedback on these posts is welcomed. Have you ever used a motion alarm for your home security? Please share your experience. We want to hear your thoughts.

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