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Home Security Systems-Cheap Ways To Do It

A home is, generally speaking, the most expensive thing a married couple ever buys. And even though the average price of a home has dropped substantially in the last several years, the average cost is somewhere north of $200,000.00. And yet statistics show that more people own security systems for their car than for their home. One of the reasons for that is they consider home security to be too expensive.

Yes it’s true you can spend an arm and a leg on home security. Getting a home security system can end up being very expensive even if they give you free equipment because you are committed to a three-year monitoring program. For most people, home security systems are just out of reach financially.

Here we are going to show you some cheap ways to improve your home security. They are not fool-proof but what security system is?

The first way is to look at your home as a burglar would. Are there any obstacles that are obvious to would-be burglars? Do you have any signs in your front yard warning of vicious dogs? Or a sign for a security system? You don’t need a dog or a system-just a sign will do. One of my favorites is an NRA sticker on your front window or a sign that says “Security provided by Smith & Wesson.”

Eliminate any shrubbery along lower-level doors and windows. How is the light around your house at night? The bad guys do not like well-lit places. They want to have places where they can hide to break into your house. Most burglaries are done during the day so they need those hiding places.

The biggest enemies of burglars are time, light and noise. The longer it takes a burglar to get into your house the less likely he is to pursue it. If you have motion activated spotlights outside or lights on the inside of a house that are on timers so they can be on when you are gone, those are a big help. If they do get into your house, do you have any alarms? The noisier they are the better!

You can get window alarms and door alarms for under $10.00. You can get some warning signs that are cheap as well. Or better, make up your own.

Burglars don’t like seeing security cameras. One of the best security cameras is the pan/tilt Home Security Camera. You can hook it up outside your front door and have it point in any direction. Once it is properly connected to your TV, you can see what your camera sees on your TV screen. It’s a great way to prevent home invasion.

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