Home Security-Studies Confirm What Makes Burglars Tick

Recently three independent studies were conducted for the University of North Carolina at Charlotte on what makes burglars tick. Psychologists who are experts conducted the tests on professional burglars-those who instinctively know what to do and don’t have to stop and think about it. The results shed some light on how burglars think which provides insights on how we can better protect ourselves from home burglary.

Know that home burglary is one of the most prevalent crimes in the country with one out of every six homes a target. As we have been saying for years, and this study confirms, the top reason for doing home burglary is to get money to buy drugs not, as many suspect, out of poverty.

In this article we will take a look at these studies and share some of the results. Then we will offer some solutions to the problem of home burglary.

By far the top targets for home burglary are individual homes and secondarily commercial businesses. Commercial businesses are usually much better protected with security cameras and burglar alarms. Does that tell you something?

When burglars are looking for a home to victimize they consider several things before they decide to burglarize it including escape routes, number of people in the house, proximity to major traffic routes and proximity to other people. Of course signs of increased security like barking dogs and other surveillance equipment are a definite turnoff to burglars.

The three studies involved unanimously agreed that a home security system is the single most effective deterrent to home burglary. That would include systems that have security cameras or not. This study revealed that deadbolts were usually not a factor. Why? Most burglars gain entry through open windows and doors or by forcing them. Only one in eight uses lock picks.

For professional burglars who may have done it so many times that as one burglar said “he could rob a home with his eyes closed because people leave things in the basic same locations.” The most common place to start is the master bedroom and kitchen and bathroom being last on the list.

Since most common purpose for home burglary is to feed a drug habit, it imposes a more serious threat because of the increased risk of injury to a homeowner if they happen to be at home.

You may want to think twice but about moving to an area next to a wooded lot. Corner homes and homes close to arterial roads and major routes are also at increased risk.

The Barking Dog Alarm is so effective because burglars hate barking dogs.

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