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Home Security Signs – Don’t Send the Wrong Signals to Burglars

Have you ever wondered why one home gets burglarized on a city street and no others? Or why one neighborhood is more prone to burglaries than another neighborhood? It may seem like random luck, but there is no such thing when it comes to crime. Criminals, especially burglars, do their homework. Part of that homework is to scout out a neighborhood or a particular house that looks vulnerable.

The bad guys will drive around neighborhoods looking for certain signs or signals from homeowners. Homeowners may not even be aware that they are sending the wrong signal to burglars.

Some of the things that burglars look for are windows or garage doors that are left open. An open garage door almost always has an interior door that leads into the house. They look for hiding places around lower-level doors and windows like shrubbery or trees. They look to see if there’s a way to get into a second story window from a tree in the front or side yard.

And they look to see if there any outward signs of security systems or security cameras in place are if there is a dog on the premises.

Burglars try to look into the house through unshielded windows to see if there’s any stereo equipment, TVs or anything of value that’s within plain view.

They may not be the sharpest knives in the drawer but they are not dumb either. They want to pick a house that has something of value within easy reach without any obvious obstacles to slow them down or monitor their behavior.

The last thing in the world that a burglar wants is to run into a guard dog, security cameras or security system. Those are the kinds of things that would ruin his day.

If homeowners would take a critical look at their homes from street level like a burglar would, they could remove some of these positive signals and start sending signals to the bad guys that this is not a house to mess with.

Something as simple as a sign warning of a guard dog in the front yard sends a signal to would-be burglars that they are in for trouble if they try to burglarize that house. You don’t even really need a dog just the sign alone will do.

This is a good example of an outdoor Home Security Sign that you can put in your front yard warning of a video surveillance system in place. Again you don’t even need a security system-just the sign is enough to send the right signal to the bad guys.

Send the right signals to the bad guys about your home security. Signs are a great, inexpensive way to start.

This Home Security Sign is big enough to be seen from the street when it’s in your front window.

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