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Home Security – How To Protect Your Home From Burglars, Without Breaking The Bank

Even though the average selling price of a new home has dropped significantly in the last five years it still represents the biggest single investment for most Americans. That’s why I have such a hard time understanding why more homeowners don’t take any precautions in protecting their home. None, zero, nada, zilch!

It just doesn’t make any sense especially when one out of six homes will be burglarized on an annual basis. Between the value of goods taken in a burglary and damage done to a home (this is according to police statistics) we’re talking about over $3300.00-that’s the average.

Homeowners have a tremendous amount of resources available to them for home security. Many of them are free. The most valuable in my opinion is the “Neighborhood Watch” program sponsored by the National Sheriffs Association. They have a free list of things you can do to improve your home security and free seminars that you can attend not only for your own personal safety but for your home security as well.

Very high up on the list of things they recommend is to install a home security camera. They send a powerful message to would-be burglars to stay away. And even if the burglars are not smart enough to get that message, their image will be captured should they break into your house. If police have a video or still picture of a break-in suspect, the chances improve by 50% of catching the bad guys.

For new homeowners on a tight budget, the cost of a security camera may be prohibitive especially for more than one. That is where fake surveillance cameras and Fake Security Cameras come in. They are so realistic looking with blinking LED lights and realistic wiring that no one can tell the difference except the homeowner. Some fake surveillance cameras even have antennas or pan left to right and back like real security cameras.

The only reason the homeowner can tell the difference is because of the price that he has to pay. Fake security cameras and fake surveillance cameras provide real home security at a fraction of the price of the real thing. They provide a viable alternative for anyone who is trying to save some money but yet wants to send a clear message to would-be burglars to stay away.

Protect your largest investment with fake security cameras. They are effective home security tools that won’t break the bank.

Please check out all of our Fake Security Cameras. We have eight fake security cameras to choose from under $10. One of them could be just what you’re looking for.

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