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Home Security- Home Invasion Scams- The Most Recent

Unless you’ve been living under a rock somewhere or in a cave, you have no doubt heard about home invasions. They are a home burglary on steroids. They are much more dangerous than a regular home burglary. And here’s why.

A home burglary, traditionally, is done by one person who is unarmed. The home burglar is usually a rookie who is out to make some quick money by stealing things that belong to other people. He certainly doesn’t want to get caught and will flee at the slightest amount of resistance in the form of lighting, noise or anything else that might scare him away.

A home invasion is done by two and more people who are usually armed and are intent on inflicting injury if they don’t get what they want. Threats of harm and even bodily harm are part of their modus operandi. You don’t want to be the victim of a home invasion.

Home burglary is bad enough but at least no one gets hurt. Home invasion is much more serious.

How do home invaders get into your home? Surprisingly, they get in right through the front door. If you are like I used to be, when somebody rang my doorbell or knocked on my door. I reflexively opened the door without seeing who was there. I have changed my ways since home invasion came into vogue.

One of the best scams to get into your front door is the home invaders posing as utility meter readers, service repair technicians and even policeman.

It shows the level of determination that home invaders will go to get you to open the front door. Once the front door is opened an inch they will force their way in. Then all hell breaks loose. See who is at your front door first with a HOME SECURITY CAMERA

Here’s a scenario for you. There is a knock on your front door go to the front door and look through your peephole to see two men in uniforms. They claim to be from the utility company to fix something. You ask for identification and they hem and haw around but don’t produce anything. You get suspicious and call the police.

In another scenario two people dressed as policeman are at your door. Your first reaction is to let them in. But you don’t see a police car. So you call your neighborhood watch contact number and ask that someone be sent to check them out.

These are both examples of homeowners who did the right thing and prevented sure disaster.

Always ask for identification. Look through your front window to see if there’s a vehicle associated with the company they claim to be working for. Just because they’re carrying a toolbox doesn’t mean they’re authentic. Look for a company patch on uniforms. Be suspicious of someone who shows up unannounced. Especially single elderly seniors can be great targets for these low-lifes because they are so trusting and naïve.

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