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Home Security:Hidden Cameras With Motion Detection-The Best One

Home burglaries and home invasions present a constant and ever-growing threat to homeowners. That’s why companies that specialize in home security and home security products are some of the fastest-growing in the country. Even when the economy is down and people are struggling, it is prudent for homeowners to take steps to protect their home, their possessions in the home and their families.

Of all the products that deal with home security, hidden cameras are often overlooked. Many people think that they are too expensive; that they can’t afford them. Is a $300.00 investment in a hidden camera too much when your home is, on average, worth $200,000 or more? Only you can answer that.

Many hidden cameras and spy cameras that are good for home security cost much less than $300.00. Some of these look like wall clocks, digital alarm clocks and wall plates. There is even one that looks like a clothes hook or even a thermometer. Almost all of these are significantly less than $300.00. But they are battery operated which, for some people, is a drawback because the recording life is limited. So if you have an ongoing long-term requirement, a battery operated hidden spy camera or hidden camera may not be best for you.

Almost all of the hidden cameras have motion detection as one of the main features. This cuts down on recording time and saves you time as well so you don’t have to sit through hours of video to see what you’re looking for. It only records when there’s activity in front of the camera.

Wall clock hidden cameras are among the most popular. There are several styles to choose from but they all record images onto an SD card. To view the images that are recorded, remove the SD card from the clock and insert it into your computer’s SD card reader. The viewing angle is big enough to watch a whole room. They all have motion detection as one of their features.

One of the most popular is the Projection Display Clock spy camera. It is a fully functioning AM/FM clock radio with a LED projection display. It has motion detection as one of its features with multiple blocks and adjustable sensitivity. It can handle up to a 32 GB SD card.

Because the camera and the DVR are hidden inside a common object like a clock radio, it can fit into almost any setting in a home, office or even a business which is why it is the best hidden spy camera.

Check out all of our Motion Spy Cameras to see if one is right for your home security.

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