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Home Security Gadgets-The Four Most Popular

Home Security Gadgets-The Four Most Popular

Even though the average value of a home has dropped from $230,000 just five years ago to around $200,000 today because of the burst of the housing bubble it still represents the largest single investment for homeowners. And even with tight money for everybody it just makes good common sense to protect that asset.

There are some things that you can do for free or at very low cost that make very good sense to improve your home security. Did you know that well over 60% of all home burglaries happen through unsecured entryways? So the first thing would be to keep all your doors and windows locked even when you’re at home.

The second thing you can do is to join or start a neighborhood watch program. Your local sheriff’s Department can help set one up. They are free and very effective.

Those are some of the things that you can do for free. Here are four home security gadgets that you can use to help improve your home security.

1. Dummy security cameras are a fraction of the cost of the real thing.

They are either battery-operated or operate out of wall current. Some rotate like their more expensive brothers and almost all of them have red lights to indicate that they are on. They have been used successfully by millions of people in both small business and home security settings.

2. Key hiders are relatively new home security gadgets.

The old idea of hiding your key underneath your mat by your front door just doesn’t work anymore. These key hiders offer a new and secure way of hiding a spare key so you needn’t lock yourself out of your house anymore.

3. And yard signs or home security signs are a home security gadget that is one of the most effective tools for home security.

These signs warn of a home security system place it in your front yard, where it’s really visible to the bad guys. Believe it or not, when they are out casing a neighborhood looking for their next target they look for signs like that to determine who’s going to be next on their list.

4. Another popular one is the Video Patrol Camera with DVR.

It can take both video and still photos. The motion activated infrared sensor is actually so cheap you can get two or three of them to protect every entryway or driveway in your house. It has a date/time stamp to document for legal purposes. It uses an SD card to record up to 75 minutes of video or 26,000 photos. It has a unique design that looks like an air freshener.

Those are four of the most popular home security gadgets that can improve the security of your home.

Check out all of our Home Security Gadgets. One may be just right for your home.

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