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Home Security: Cheap Security Devices-Four Effective Ones

A burglary occurs every 15 seconds in the United States. It seems that homeowners go out of their way to make burglary so easy. Most homeowners don’t even lock their doors and windows all the time. That is the main way that burglars get into a house. So it’s no wonder that home security is such a big business. Security devices that sound alarms are the most popular of all home security products. If a burglar does get into the house, a home security alarm or burglar alarm will more than likely scare them away.

There are literally thousands, if not tens of thousands of cheap security devices on the market today. Here are four of the most effective ones.

The first is a simple super doorstop wedge alarm. It can be used in the home or taken with you on the road for a hotel room. College students love it for added security in their dorm room. It is a wedge shape design that physically blocks the door entry. Underneath the wedge is an anti-slide pad that prevents slippage. It works by wedging the alarm underneath the door and as an intruder attempts to enter, an alarm sounds.

Another effective tool is the siren padlock alarm. If you have a storage shed or a toolbox on your truck that you want to keep safe, put this padlock alarm on to protect your possessions. It is made of 100% strong aluminum that will sound a loud 110 db alarm if someone even tries to pick the lock or saw it off. The alarm can be disabled if you choose.

The third cheap security device is an outdoor key hider that looks just like a water sprinkler head. It is an actual sprinkler head with a screw off top big enough to hide an extra house key. This is a much better idea than putting one under the doormat.

And the last cheap home security device is the Driveway Patrol. It uses an infrared motion detector to alert you inside your house when somebody enters your driveway or walkway. It installs in just seconds with no tools or wires. It is battery-operated and sends a signal over a 400 foot range. You can use it to detect visitors, vehicles, intruders and monitor your garage,walkway or driveway.

Those are four of the best cheap home security devices that you can use to improve your home security.

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