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Home Security- Book Safe Among Best Places to Hide Valuables in Your Home

With home burglary and home invasions making the news almost every day, homeowners are justifiably concerned about their own safety and security. There is a physical loss of an average of $1700 from each home burglary. There is another average of $1700 worth of damage done to the home. That pales in comparison to the psychological damage done to the homeowner and his family. It is a feeling of violation that lasts for years.

And yet it seems so simple to take some proactive steps to prevent home burglary. For example, nearly 90% of all home burglaries occur through doors and windows that are not locked. So doesn’t it make sense to start by locking them? Home security for many can be very simple. But homeowners are sometimes lazy and don’t take any preventative measures.

Just making your home less attractive to a burglar from the outside can go a long ways towards improving your home security and protecting it against home burglary. Try removing shrubs along lower-level doors and windows to eliminate hiding places. Put a sign in your front yard warning of a vicious guard dog. You don’t even need a dog-just the sign will do.

If a burglar does get into your house, have you taken any steps to protect your valuables? It is just a proven fact that a burglar will spend, on average, 6 minutes or less inside a house. Even a nimble burglar cannot check every possible place to find valuables. So where is the best place to hide valuables and protect them?

Hiding them in “plain sight” is the best way. They go for the obvious first; drawers and closets but would they think of looking in a mantle clock or on a bookshelf for a book safe? The things burglars look for first are the things that they can fence the fastest; valuables such as jewelry, guns and of course cash.

A home offers many places to hide valuables. But safes such as gun safes, hidden safes and book safes are actually some of the most secure places to hide valuables.

The large Book Safe is a great example. It has a 3″ x 8″ x 9″ interior compartment that is big enough to hold securities, jewelry, cash, or even a small handgun or anything else of value. The three digit combination lock ensures further security. This book safe will fit right into any collection of books or leave it lying right on your living room table in plain sight.

Book safes, gun safes and other hidden safes are the best places to hide valuables in your home.

Check out all of our home Home Safes to see if one of them isn’t perfect for your home security program.

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