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Home Security:Best Selling Home Security Products-The Top Five

Home security in the United States is a huge business and not just with security systems. Home security products are an effective way to improve home security without breaking the bank because they are generally less expensive than say a home security system. Security devices and home security alarms are among the most effective tools you can use to beef up your home security.

We got together with a few of our competitors and compared notes and these five products represent the best-selling home security products. This will give you an idea what other people are buying to help you make an intelligent choice about your own home security.

First is the “Super Doorstop Wedge Alarm.” It is a very simple product that wedges underneath a door and has an anti-slide pad so it won’t slip on the floor. The top of the wedge has a movement sensor which activates the unit. If it’s touched, a 125 dB alarm sounds-enough to scare anyone away. It is great for hotel rooms, dorm rooms, apartments or anywhere where security is a little bit on the shaky side. It is a great way to prevent an intruder from getting into your room.

Second is the “Driveway Patrol Wireless Alert.” It has a 400 foot range and is battery-operated. The transmitter is placed outside while the receiver is inside the house. It uses an infrared motion detection technology that can alert you when someone enters your driveway.

Believe it or not, the third most popular home security item is a thermometer key hider. Don’t fall for that old trick of hiding your spare key underneath your doormat. Everybody knows that one. This is a real working thermometer that has a secret, hidden compartment. You don’t ever need to be worried about being locked out of your home again. It mounts easily with two nails or screws for secure placement.

The fourth most popular item is a Fake Security Camera that, when motion is detected, sweeps back and forth with a flashing LED light. It is powered by three AA batteries. It is adjusts to almost any angle and is realistic enough to fool anyone.

And last in the top five is a two-car laser guided parking system that installs in minutes. It’s a wireless product. It has a sensor that automatically activates when a car enters the garage. No more guessing about where to park your car. The parking system emits a bright red laser beam into your dashboard pinpointing the exact spot where to stop. You can adjust it for one or two cars. It’s powered by an AC adapter. It is a great gift for seniors too.

The wireless alert Driveway Patrol is one of the most popular home security products sold in the United States.

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