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Home Security Alarms – Four Effective and Affordable Motion Detection Alarms

It is not much of a secret that the home burglary business is alive and well and actually booming. According to Department of Justice figures it takes the average burglar all of 11 seconds to get into a home. He will spend approximately 10 minutes in a home and steal, on average, close to $2000 worth of goods. He can’t get that much money when he goes to sell it, but when you consider that he will do two or three burglaries like that in a morning it’s enough to take care of his drug habit or in some cases feed his family for a week.

Homeowners don’t do much to make it difficult for burglars. Statistics show that close to 90% of all home burglaries happen through unlocked doors and windows. So for cryin’ out loud folks “lock ’em up.” That should be the least that you can do to improve your own home security.

There are other things you can do to make home burglary less attractive to the bad guys and improve your home security at the same time. One of the best deterrents to home burglary is a home security alarm. It is almost a foregone conclusion that burglars will get into your house and if they do, alarms are one of the best ways you can scare them away before they can actually steal anything.

Here are four cheap motion detection alarms that will improve your home security and prevent home burglary.

Just about everybody is familiar with how effective a barking dog is at scaring people away. That same principle is what makes the barking dog alarm so effective. If an intruder enters within a 20 foot area, the sound of a barking dog starts.

The voice alert system is a little bit different from other alarms in that it is an “annunciator.” When someone enters a protected area a prerecorded message sounds inside the house. Up to six different areas can be protected covering a range up to 1000 feet away or 300 feet if there are walls to contend with.

There is an alarm called the Watchdog Door Alarm that is one of the loudest alarms on the market. It hangs over your door knob. If someone tries to turn the doorknob an ear-piercing 130 dB alarm sounds. It is extremely sensitive and there’s no way to get into your door without it going off.

And the fourth one is the Strobe brand motion sensor alarm. Once it is armed if it detects motion within 30 feet a 105 dB alarm sounds.

Those are four inexpensive home security alarms that not only improve your home security but also prevent a burglar from stealing anything from your house.

Check out all of our Alarms. We have over 60 to choose from. One of them will be just right for your home.

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