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 Byrna SD Pepper Sat & Sun Only $329.99 I Click Here!

Guard Dog Brand Stun Guns-Diablo Tactical Flashlight

Guard dog brand stun guns are a relatively new entry into the self defense product field. They make mostly stun guns that are flashlights. One of the very best of these flashlight stun guns is the Tactical Flashlight.

It is a powerful 4.5 million volt stun gun inside a 160 lumen tactical flashlight. The flashlight itself sends a blinding light to illuminate far and wide. It uses type III aircraft grade aluminum alloy on the body for shock resistant housing of the stun device that doubles as an emergency glass breaker.

Forget about using batteries because this is rechargeable with a bulb life up to hundred thousand hours.

Stun guns disable an assailant for 5 to 10 minutes by causing the body to use up all its’ blood sugars so there’s no energy left to do anything.

Stun guns are not legal in all states so check your local sheriff’s Department first before you get one. We don’t want you ending up in jail.

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