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GPS Systems:Personal Tracking Devices-Three Of The Smallest

You have seen them on TV. You’ve seen them in the movies. They are personal tracking devices that can watch someone using a GPS device to track their movements. Whether it’s in a car or on foot, GPS systems work by getting a signal from at least 4 satellites high overhead. They require a clear, unobstructed view of the satellites but other than that they can go anywhere.

Most GPS systems are too big to be on a person as a personal tracking device without them knowing it. When you need a small tracking device for any purpose these three are worth your consideration.

1. The Wolf Fenris real-time GPS tracker is one of the smallest on the market today at 2.6″ x 1.6″ x .8″ and weighs just 2 ounces. It offers several useful alerts such as geo fencing and SOS. It has a rechargeable battery and has a hot start time of less than 1 second and a cold start time of less than 29 seconds. It can operate in extreme weather conditions, is water resistant and is perfect for tracking packages, children, vehicles, your pets or anything that moves.

2. The mini historical tiny tracker is small at 2″ x .75″ x .6″ and weighs only 1/2 ounce and is about the size of your index finger. That’s how small it is. Because it is so small it is the perfect tool to use to secretly track someone else by putting the Tiny Tracker GPS in their clothing or in a bag they carry. It is ideal for tracking children. It can be used for different applications such as dove tracking, photo management by geo-tagging pictures, sports activity tracking such as cycling or jogging and of course vehicle tracking. The USB port makes for easy recovery of the tracking data by connecting it to your PC and running the included software.

3. The E path mini historical GPS tracker can be used as a personal tracker to log travels and covertly monitor other people. It weighs just 1.3 ounces and is 1.6″ x 1.8″ x .5″ and is also water resistant. It has 120 hours of battery life. It has two simple LEDs on the front of the device that provide you with vital information and the built-in motion detection will help prolong the unit battery life

These three GPS tracking devices are some of the smallest on the market today. Because they are so small they give you added flexibility in their uses. They can all be placed discreetly in places bigger systems cannot go which allows you to track people, kids, pets or anything that moves.

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