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Garrett Means Metal Detectors

I was watching a TV show last night and the scene was with people coming into a government building where there were courtrooms. They had to pass through metal detectors not once but twice. The second time the security officer used a hand-held metal detector with the name Garrett on it. The name Garrett is synonymous with metal detectors.

Charles Garrett and his wife invented a device over 50 years ago that would find hidden treasure. It has come along way since then obviously. You can’t go into any government building or airport without being scanned by a Garrett metal detector. These hand-held metal detectors set the standard for the industry.

The most popular is the Super Scanner. It can detect the most minute piece of metal from 3 inches away. How do I know that? I have gotten caught with a forgotten dime in my pocket going through airport security.

You see them in night clubs, sporting events, concerts or anywhere where security is important. They are the standard when it comes to metal detectors.

You can check out all of our other Metal Detectors.

Feedback on these posts is appreciated. Have you ever used a metal detector? Please share your experience. We want to hear your thoughts.

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