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Female Self Defense: Top Four Self Defense Items for Women

Ever since the beginning of time women have always been the primary target of male violence. Unfortunately it doesn’t look like that’s going to change anytime soon. If women realize that they are going to be targets of violence, they can better prepare themselves and learn some self-defense.

If there’s any question about this in your mind, just check a police blotter sometime. You’ll see that women are the targets of violence in nine of every ten cases. When it comes to self-defense women have several options. self-defense product manufacturers have learned a lot in the last 5 to 10 years and started developing products that appeal to women specifically. Well-known manufacturers such as Mace, Stun Master, Taser International, Streetwise and many others have items in their product line that appeal to women.

And they cover the complete line of self-defense products-everything from stun guns to pepper sprays and in between. Some are disguised products that no one would expect to see in a self-defense situation.

We have always suggested that people develop a self-defense strategy with a good self-defense course as the foundation for that strategy. That same suggestion applies to women as well. There are self-defense courses on the market today that are aimed at women.

Here are four self-defense items that are specifically geared towards female self-defense.

1. There is an excellent course out on DVD that is put together by a martial arts instructor and assault survivor. She teaches some excellent techniques that you really won’t see anywhere else- all aimed at women.

2. Taser International is best known for its stun device that is used by police departments the world over. Currently it is used by well over 17,000 law enforcement agencies in the United States alone and in at least eight foreign countries. Several years ago they saw a need for a smaller stun device that would appeal to women. That led to the development of the C-2 taser. It is smaller and easier to carry than their other taser products. It even comes in pink.

3. Pepper spray is the most widely used self-defense product in the world. So Streetwise capitalized on the need for female self-defense products and developed the Perfume Pepper Spray that is a 17% solution of oleoresin capsicum in a heart-shaped dispenser that looks like a perfume spray. But what a surprise the assailant will get with this perfume dispenser.

4. And the last one is a mini stun gun that is 350,000 volts in a dispenser the looks like a lipstick container and can hook onto your key chain so it’s with you at all times.

Those are four popular self-defense items that are geared specifically for female self-defense.

See all of our items for Women’s Self-Defense. One of them certainly can help you stay safe.

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