Domestic Violence Soars-What You Can Do To Defend Yourself

Domestic Violence Soars-What You Can Do To Defend Yourself

This is a story out of the Washington, DC area and northern Virginia about how domestic violence has soared in the last couple years.

You can read the whole story HERE.

Part of the story goes on to say “Domestic violence is soaring in Northern Virginia as a weak economy takes its toll on families and new laws push police to do more to combat the area’s growing trend. Arrests have climbed as much as 277 percent from six years ago, according to new statistics from the Virginia Department of Criminal Justice Services.”

“Whether it’s a disconnect with authorities, or domestic violence’s strong relationship with the economy — fights about money, fights about unemployment — we’re seeing it occur as much as ever.”

How To Defend Yourself

The best way to defend yourself against an assault anywhere, but especially in a domestic violence situation is with the self-defense products such as a pepper spray or stun device. These nonlethal self-defense weapons allow you time to us get away from a dangerous situation and seek help. We always recommend pepper sprays that are on a keychain.

Keychain Pepper Sprays like the one shown above are our faves because they are almost always with you or you know for sure where they are.

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