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Diversion Gun Safes-The Three Most Popular

Close to 70 million Americans own some kind of gun. Most of them are handguns, but rifles and shotguns are almost as popular. If you are one of the millions who owns a gun you already know that gun safety is absolute paramount in your home. The best way and maybe the only way to secure your rifle, shotgun or handgun is in a gun safe. They are the best alternative for gun safety and gun security.

Gun safes come in several different kinds. Today we are looking at three diversion safes that double as gun safes.

The first one looks like a world globe that you would see in someone’s living room. This Globe Gun Safe can hold up to four handguns on four adjustable vinyl coated rods. Even though it is a gun safe, it can hide other valuables. It has a beautiful dark cherry wood finish on a wood stand and can work in your home or office. It has an inside diameter of 12 inches and requires some assembly.

The second one is a 13 ¼ inch tall, 9 ½ inch wide, 6 ¼ inch deep Tall Clock Gun Safe that was designed for handguns but can hold other valuables as well. It is a solid wood construction with a magnetically latched hinged front panel. It has a reliable quartz movement inside a fully functioning clock.

The third diversion safe that can hold handguns is called the Mantel Clock Gun Safe. This mantel clock measures 7 3/8″ x 14 5/8″ x 3 3/4″ in a solid wood case with a rich mahogany stain. It has a magnetically latched, hinged front panel. It also has a reliable quartz movement inside a fully functioning mantel clock that is powered by one AA battery.

Handguns and other firearms are high-value items for burglars because they are easy to pawn and generally bring a lot of cash. It is a well-known fact that burglars spend less than 15 minutes inside a home, looking for items of value. Cash, jewelry, credit cards and guns are their top targets. If they can’t find a gun in 15 minutes, chances are they will leave empty-handed.

That’s why these diversion gun safes are so popular. They cost a lot less than regular gun safes that can cost hundreds if not thousands of dollars. While these diversion safes are much less expensive they do exactly the same thing-protect your handguns.

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