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Customer Favorite Watch Spy Cameras-Product Reviews

Consumers looking for hidden spy cameras often want to know what other consumers are buying, if for no other reason than as a point of reference. In this article we will review what the three most favorite choices for watch spy cameras are. They are popular for covert recordings of audio and visual activities and as such are a favorite of private detectives. They are very popular for a wide variety of uses and covert audio recordings.

The first one is the Diver’s Spy Camera Watch that has capability to record up to 32 feet underwater. The tiny pinhole camera is nearly impossible to detect in the watch face. The watch has 4 GB of internal memory that can record still photos, video, voice or any other audio. It has a built in Lithium ion battery. A USB cable is included to transfer date and recharge the battery.

The second watch spy camera takes color pictures in 4032 x 3024 resolution and records audio and color video in 1920 x 1080 resolution at up to 30 FPS all of which are far above average quality.

The Watch Spy Camera can record up to ten feet below water. It uses an 8 GB internal memory to store and record audio and video files. It comes with an AC adapter to power the camera, a USB cable to transfer data and a software disc to enable you to watch video on your computer. It even has infrared sensors to allow recording at night. All video is date/time stamped.

The third customer favorite is the HD Diver’s Watch that can record up to nearly 10 feet underwater. The small pinhole camera makes it nearly impossible to detect ensuring a covert recording. It records “color 1280x 720p HD resolution video in AVI format and takes color 1600 x 1200 still image photos in camera mode.” It can be used as a webcam too. The 4 GB of internal memory can store 1 hour of video or 10,000 photos. It can also record voice or any audio. The built in lithium battery can charge the DVR for two hours and is rechargeable using the included USB cable which can also transfer data to your computer. It also includes a wall adapter for charging and a microphone cover for underwater usage. The metal band can be exchanged with the included leather band for a classier look.

Those are product reviews of the top three customer favorite watch spy cameras.

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