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Covert Voice Recording Devices-The Most Popular Two

If you are looking for a great way to record audio without somebody knowing about it, the best way is with a covert voice recording device. They are considered covert because they are the recording devices are hidden inside common objects that people are used to seeing. Ball point pens, wristwatches, and even a USB flash drive are some of the more common covert voice recording devices.

The two most popular ones are a covert voice recorder pen and a ladies wristwatch.

The Voice Recorder Spy Pen is a working, good-looking, gold trim ball point pen that will get about 10 hours of audio on a single charge.

To record you push the pocket clip down and to stop it you push it up. No one would be able to tell that they are being recorded with this cool covert voice recorder. It includes an earphone and a wired remote control so you can listen from a distance.

The second is the ladies wristwatch that’s an attractive diamond ladies watch. It has 2 GB of internal memory that can record up to 80 hours of audio. It has a built-in lithium-ion battery, a pair of headphones, USB cable and software.

Check all of our VOICE RECORDERS.

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