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Counter Espionage Techniques – Pro RF Detector Countermeasures

Hidden spy cameras and hidden security cameras as well as listening devices, commonly called bugs, have become extremely popular these days as people crave information about other people. It is one of the fastest-growing areas of security in the country. Industrial espionage rivals the good old days of the cold war for espionage. Along with that tremendous growth is the growth of counter-espionage and counter-espionage tools.

Government agencies including the FBI and CIA have used these counter-espionage tools for decades. Within the last 10 years or so private detectives and company security personnel have joined other law enforcement agencies and private security agencies in using them on a frequent basis.

The RF detector countermeasures set represents the most sophisticated of all counter-espionage tools because of its portability and capability. When you need to find a hidden camera, a wiretap, a hidden listening device or any other covert espionage tool this is the device that you need. It is easy to see why it is used by professionals in the security business worldwide. Here’s what this professional counterintelligence tool can do.

One of the most effective of those counter-espionage tools is the Pro RF countermeasures set. This set includes a broadband receiver that detects and locates all types of transmitters including room and phone audio and video devices. It also locates and detects body bugs using an RF strength signal indicator. Every hidden camera or listening device emits an RF signal. It operates as one of the most effective wiretap detectors in the industry too.

The unit also demodulates both AM and FM signal processing. The unit has high and low-frequency antennas, a phone line unit, headphones and infrared/carrier current probe all in a hard shell case. The case makes it easily portable. The unit operates on eight AA alkaline batteries that will give you 10 to 16 hours of use.

The broadband receiver is specifically made to find all major types of electronic eavesdropping tools including room, video and phone transmitters-even body bugs. It provides a cost-effective tool for private security companies, law enforcement agencies, private detectives, government security teams, corporate security personnel as well as private citizens who have a need to detect and locate transmitted RF signals that every audio and video listening device emits.

Since the RF Detector Countermeasures set operates on batteries and all components are included in the hard shell case. It is very portable, which gives it an added advantage over fixed station operations.

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