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TASER Laws in California

TASER Laws in California

TASER Laws in California

Both violent crime and property crime are on the rise in California, making it a place where you want to prioritize your personal safety. Non-lethal self defense items are an ideal way to protect yourself, but it’s important to first understand the legal matters of these tools before you buy and use them. One of these items is a TASER, which is a device built to immobilize an attacker without inflicting much harm. 

It is considered a non-lethal electroshock weapon, and it uses an electrical current to briefly incapacitate an attacker by causing temporary loss of muscle control. The high-voltage, low-amperage shock immobilizes an attacker long enough to allow escape. While these are considered non-lethal, there is the risk of a target sustaining serious injuries due to complications. Before you choose to purchase one, it’s best to be informed on California TASER laws in order to ensure safety and compliance.

Are TASERs Legal to Own or Purchase in California?

When it comes to the laws on buying and carrying a TASER stun gun, it can vary from state to state, and even by county or district. Currently, it is legal to purchase a TASER in the state of California. Limitations occur in the finer details, though, when it comes to your age, criminal history, and other factors.

TASER Use for Citizens

The TASER laws in California make it legal for most residents in the state to purchase, own, and use one for lawful self-defense purposes. Like the laws for other weapons, though, there are restrictions in place, and certain individuals are prohibited from buying and owning TASERs:

Age Requirements and Restricted Ownership

To acquire or possess a TASER in California, individuals must be a minimum of 18 years old. Furthermore, it is unlawful for convicted felons, those under the influence of substances, and those with a history of mental illness to have ownership or possession of a TASER.

Use Against Law Enforcement

Using a TASER against a police officer or any other law enforcement official can result in severe legal consequences, including charges of assaulting a police officer. Charges for brandishing a weapon are a potential risk, and it’s a misdemeanor that carries a maximum one-year jail sentence.


Displaying a weapon in a malicious or threatening manner is considered brandishing. In California, it is against the law to brandish a TASER, regardless of your intent. It is a misdemeanor offense, subject to a maximum one-year jail term.

Restricted Locations and Properties

In addition to the general restrictions governing the use and carrying of TASERS, there are specific locations where the possession of these devices is strictly prohibited. For instance, it is unlawful to bring one into a courthouse, prison, or police station. Additionally, California state laws may not extend to federal properties, such as military bases and national parks.

Law Enforcement and Authorized Personnel

It’s common for law enforcement and authorized personnel to be equipped with TASERs. These devices are used as non-lethal protection when authorities are on duty. Even though they are considered non-lethal, officers undergo proper training to use them, as there is still a risk of injury from them if used improperly. Law enforcement agencies work to prevent the misuse of them.

In some cases, security guards will also carry TASERs while on duty. TASERs offer security guards a great means of defending the property they’re assigned to. Like law enforcement officers, they also undergo training for these devices.

Making Safety and Compliance Top Priority

While TASERs are effective devices for self-defense and safety, the legal landscape of a state can be intricate, with many regulations put in place to ensure these devices are not misused. It’s crucial to comply with California TASER laws when you are seeking to buy a weapon like a TASER. Researching your local laws can influence you to make a well-informed decision on how to protect yourself day to day.

Getting to Know the Legal Landscape

With the complexity of the legal landscape in regards to TASER stun guns, it’s crucial to understand the rules and regulations that are in place for them in order to prevent legal problems. Here are factors that you should consider:

Minding the Restrictions

Make sure you are mindful and compliant with the restrictions set in place for these devices. If your age or criminal history fits the restrictions, then you cannot purchase a TASER. Understand the limitations of where you can carry one, as some places like schools, government buildings, and other secured locations prohibit TASERs in the area. Disregarding these restrictions can lead to severe legal consequences. 

Understand What You’re Using

It’s important to know the different types of electroshock weapons. Various models will function differently than others, such as stun guns having to make physical contact at close range, while TASERs can be fired at long range. Some models can generate a higher voltage than others, making it important for you to train with your device in order to use your TASER properly.

Know Your Amendments and Laws

It’s important to keep up to date on the TASER laws in California, as laws are open to change. While something may be legal today, it may not be the next day, and vice versa. Keeping informed on the law can help determine whether or not you can purchase or use your device. 

If you are in the market for a TASER stun gun, The Home Security Superstore has a wide selection to choose from. We comply with all the various weapon laws in each state, so make sure you review your local laws before you make a purchase.

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