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Burglar Alarm Works-Safe Stolen Anyhow

Burglar Alarm Works-Safe Stolen Anyhow

Here is a story about a home that was broken into and the safe containing jewelry and other valuables was stolen despite the burglar alarm sounding. The homeowner insists that his house was secured but there is some evidence to the contrary.

You can get the rest of the details HERE.

The burglary took place in midday in front of neighbors. The burglars removed the screens from the front windows and put them in the backyard so no one would notice that one screen was missing.

The Strobe Motion Detection Alarm not only has a 120 dB loud siren but it also has a bright flashing strobe light. The motion detection alarm can detect up to 30 feet away in 110° PIR sensor range. There is a 10 second entry and exit delay which allows you to get in and out without setting off the alarm. The alarm sounds for approximately 35 seconds and then resets. The alarm can also be used as two-tone chime for business owners to announce customers.

Feedback on these posts is appreciated. Have you used a motion sensor alarm? Please share your experience. We want to hear your thoughts.

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