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Bullying-The Best Way To Document It

According to Wikipedia “While there is no single formal definition of workplace bullying, several researchers have endeavored to define it. Some categorize all harmful boss-behavior and actions of malintent directed at employees as bullying. Bullying behaviors may be couched in humiliation and hazing rites and iterative programs or protocols framed as being in the best interests of employee development and coaching.”

In some cases bullying can involve coworkers, but the majority of cases are from management. It can be overt or covert. Tactics may involve verbal, nonverbal, psychological or physical abuse.

There is a fine line between bullying and incivility. Bullies are mostly male but female bullies are learning the ropes too.

Workplace bullying happens pretty frequently, but not nearly as much as school bullying and cyber bullying. Statistics show that 77% of students are bullied mentally, verbally or physically. It starts in elementary school and continues on through high school.

Bullying is seen as a major contributor to violence, including homicide and suicide.

Some alarming statistics show that one out of four kids is bullied and that one out of five kids admit to being a bully hundred and 60,000 students a day miss school because of fear of being bullied. The favorite place for bullying appears to be in the bathroom. These statistics come from the U.S. Department of Justice.

Maybe the worst part of bullying either at school or in the workplace is the fact that most of it is done privately on a 1 to 1 basis so there are no witnesses. It is a classic dilemma of what one person said versus what another person says happened. This fact makes it very difficult to prosecute and/or protect innocent victims.

The very best way that you can get evidence on bullies is either in the form of audio or video documentation.
One of the very best tools to do this is the Pen Spy Camera with DVR.

This very professional product is a fully functioning writing pen that holds a color spy camera with an internal 8 GB recording DVR and microphone. The video camera takes one megapixel videos. The battery allows operations of three hours possible on a single charge. You can choose to record audio and video or audio only mode. It even has motion activated recording. The microphone can capture sounds in a 15 m² area or about the size of a normal room-over 225 square feet.

Don’t be a victim of bullying or allow your kids to be a victim of bullying. Take some proactive steps to document the situation and report it to authorities.

We invite you to check all of our Covert Spy Cameras.

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