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Best Selling Hotel Safes-The Top Two

Hotel safes can be used in more than just hotels. They can be used in your home or in your business. Here are two of the best selling hotel safes that we carry.

The first is a Hotel Safe with keypad lock. It has predrilled holes for mounting to a floor or wall. After four incorrect code entries, an alarm sounds. It has a motor driven electronic lock that is accessed with a 3 to 6 digit code.

The Laptop Safe can hold other items besides laptops and has a motorized lock that allows the user to simply punch in the access code and watch as the door opens automatically. It has one master combination code and one user combination code and has two 5/8 inch wide locking bolts and predrilled mounting holes for floor or wall installation. It also weighs 30 pounds but once it’s anchored to a wall or floor it isn’t going anywhere.

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