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Best Home Security Products – Four Effective and Affordable Items

There is all kinds of anecdotal evidence out there that burglary and home invasion are on the increase. Just look at a local police blotter, read the paper or watch television to confirm that notion. Hardly a day goes by when a home invasion or home burglary doesn’t happen in your neighborhood. Maybe that’s why home security is on the minds of people these days. They are always looking for cheap security products for their home that can help protect their investment.

The average home is costing $200,000; and even though that amount is down from a few years ago, it still represents the biggest investment in most people’s lives. So it’s only natural that folks want to protect it with security products. The home security products industry is growing by leaps and bounds. It includes everything from monitored security to window alarms and anything and everything in between. There is no doubt that you can spend a lot of money on home security. For most homeowners, especially new ones, cheap security products are what they’re looking for.

Here are four cheap home security products for you to consider. They are some of the most popular in the marketplace today. See if they can’t help improve your home security.

1. The first is the video patrol security camera. It is $49.95 and records color video and takes color photos on a 2 GB SD card. The videos and photos have a date and time stamp. It is a fully weatherproof system that comes with a USB cable to download the video and the pictures. It has mounting hardware and a warning sticker that comes with the product. Whenever the infrared sensor detects motion, the video records it or snaps a picture and stamps it with a date and time.

2. Second is the super doorstop wedge alarm. It is $8.95 and is perfect for apartments, dorm rooms or homes. You wedge the door stop underneath your door and when somebody tries to get in the 125 dB alarm sounds.

3. The third security product is a Fake Bullet Camera. It is a battery operated bullet camera that is perfect for outdoor situations. It has multiple authentic infrared LEDs that operate 24 hours a day. It comes with mounting brackets and is perfect for home or business use. It looks just like a real security camera.

4. And last is the driveway patrol wireless alert that indicates when someone enters your driveway or walkway. At $17.95 it is one cheap security product. It has a 400 foot range, installs in seconds and is motion activated. It uses the latest infrared motion detection technology. It comes with a receiver that sounds an alert inside your home when someone enters your driveway or walkway.

Those are four cheap, effective security products that will improve your security at home and prevent burglary and home invasion.

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