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Bear Sightings Up Nationwide-Steps You Can Take To Protect Yourself And Your Family

Maybe you saw the story on the news last week that bear sightings were up nationwide. You can read the whole story RIGHT HERE in case you missed it.

The story was very interesting in itself on a lot of different levels but basically it talked about how bears are becoming much more comfortable going into neighborhoods because people have been feeding them, so their fear level is greatly diminished.

Bears are normally not aggressive except when they’re looking for food. Then they can be extremely aggressive and are very dangerous. And despite the fact that they look like they’re lumbering oafs they can move very quickly and have razor sharp claws that can rip you apart in seconds. A small bear is still 300 to 400 pounds-big enough to break into your house if it smells food.

They stock up on food before and after hibernation. Springtime and fall are the two times a year that bears are looking for food. Here are some steps you can take to protect yourself and your family.

If you love to cook out the smells from the grill can attract a bear from miles away. Put your grill in a secured area like a garage after you are done cooking.

If you feed your pets outdoors, don’t leave the food out there after they’re done eating.

If your trash is outdoors put it in a secured container.

Have a canister of Guard Alaska Bear Spray around your house in case of bear encroaches into your property or, heaven forbid, it gets in your house. It has a range of 15-20 feet.

If you travel into the back country for walking, hiking, cycling or jogging whatever you do carry some Mace Bear Pepper Spray with you. It has a range of 35 feet.

Follow these tips and you will not be a victim of bear attack and you and your family it will be much safer.

Feedback on these posts is appreciated. Have you been victim of a bear attack? Please share your experience. We want to hear your thoughts.

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