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8 Tips To Make Sure You Never Lose Your Child In A Crowd

8 Tips To Make Sure You Never Lose Your Child In A Crowd

Every parent has a shared nightmare: You’re out in public, and in the few seconds it takes to look for the nearest restroom, your child suddenly disappears. Your heart beating fast, you wrap your sweaty palms around your mouth to call out their name. Safety in crowds is an important topic to handle as a household. Here are eight tips for making sure you never lose your child in a crowded place 

1. Take a Photo at Home

If someone asked you what your child is wearing, could you answer in accurate detail? Take a picture of each child before you leave the house. If they get lost, you’ll just have to pull out your smartphone to show people their exact outfit. 

2. Dress Your Kids in Bright Shoes

Spotting your child’s mop of hair from above is not as simple as it sounds. Dress your kids in bright or patterned shoes; if they wander away, crouching down to look for zebra tennis shoes is easier than looking for a kid in jeans and a t-shirt.

3. Identify Employee Posts When You Arrive

If you’re at a state fair or on a busy boardwalk, the chances that your lost child will run into someone with a badge are slim. Instead of telling kids to look for a police officer when they’re lost, point out a post where employees gather (such as an information desk) and tell your child to go there if you’re separated.

4. Equip Your Child with a GPS Tracker

GPS isn’t just for your car anymore. A pocket-sized security GPS can update you on your child’s location as frequently as every 30 seconds. Even better, a security GPS tracker will pinpoint where your kid is standing within 7 feet and show you the direction they’re moving. 

5. Turn an Accessory Into a Spy Camera

007 won’t need to report for duty to find your wandering child when you’re equipped with a GPS security camera or tiny spy camera. A spy necklace or pendant can record hours of footage. Hopefully, you won’t need to rely on the footage, but if your child walks off within the scope of the camera you’ll have a second set of eyes to review. 

6. Get Alerted When Your Child Wanders

Child leashes can be cumbersome and inconvenient. Use a wireless transmitter instead. How do these devices work? Your child wears an animal-themed bracelet that communicates their distance from the receiver in your pocket or bag. If your child wanders away by a set distance (from 6 to 30 feet), you’ll get alerted. 

7. Illuminate Your Child with a Blinking Keychain

It’s even harder to keep track of your brood after the sun sets at an amusement park. Clip a blinking keychain onto your child’s belt loop. You’ll be able to spot them from a distance by tracking the blinking blue or red light. 

8. Bring Walkie-Talkies

Put a knapsack on your kids with a walkie-talkie in it. Your family can communicate and track each other by putting out a “10-4” message over your matching set of transmitters. Hey, sometimes old-fashioned ways work just fine!

Getting lost in a crowd is a legitimate fear that doesn’t need to become your reality. Choose a child safety measure that works for your family and you’ll be more prepared for outings in no time. Feel free to browse our site for tracking transmitters, GPS monitors, and other helpful tools. Let us know how we can help you keep your kids safe!

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