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Lipstick Pepper Spray

Lipstick pepper spray is a self-defense product designed to look innocuous while providing protection for potential victims of assault. As suggested by the name, these sprays are made to resemble regular lipstick tubes. However, instead of cosmetics, they contain an inflammatory agent that can incapacitate attackers when sprayed in their face.

How Lipstick Pepper Sprays Work

Lipstick pepper sprays contain oleoresin capsicum, which is an oily extract from hot peppers. This ingredient is the same one used in a typical pepper spray carried by law enforcement. When sprayed into the eyes and mucous membranes, it causes severe burning, pain, and temporary blindness. The dispersion pattern from lipstick tubes is a narrow but concentrated stream, effective at distances of 3-10 feet. Similar to pepper gel, pepper spray allows the crucial time needed to escape an assailant. 

The Benefits of Lipstick Pepper Spray

There are several advantages to having pepper spray in a discreet lipstick container:

  • Easy to carry in a purse and have ready access without drawing attention
  • Looks like an ordinary personal item if searched or spotted in a bag
  • Provides an element of surprise if an attacker is unaware of the hidden pepper spray 
  • Can often be used at a closer range than pepper spray in large canisters
  • Just as effective at incapacitating assailants as larger defense sprays
  • Can fit into small pockets, wallets, or clipped to a belt for easy access

Uses for Lipstick Pepper Spray

Lipstick pepper spray provides an invaluable tool for self-defense in situations like:

  • Walking alone, especially at night
  • Dates where you may be isolated with someone you don't know well
  • Rideshares or taxis where you're in close proximity to a stranger
  • Sparsely populated areas like parking garages, parks, trails, etc.
  • Travel in unfamiliar locations 
  • Anywhere that carrying obvious defense tools may be prohibited

The discreet and easy-to-access design of lipstick pepper sprays makes them an ideal self-defense solution for many people at risk of assault. Like pepper foam, their ability to incapacitate attackers as well as larger sprays also makes them a smart choice for personal protection.

Explore the Options with The Home Security Superstore

The Home Security Superstore carries a wide selection of lipstick pepper sprays from top brands known for their quality and effectiveness. Here are some of the key options to explore:

  • SABRE® Red Lipstick Pepper Spray: Disguised as pink lipstick, this pepper spray contains a formula of about 7.5 times the amount of Major Capsaicinoids (MCs) typically found in sprays.

The Home Security Superstore has everyday low prices on all lipstick pepper sprays and offers discreet shipping right to your door. Explore the many options online or speak with our safety product experts for recommendations. The compact size and stylish look of these sprays make them easy to take anywhere for instant protection.

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