TASER® BOLT Holster - Black Leather

TASER® BOLT Holster - Black Leather

Fast acting ejection in a handsome leather holster!

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Product Features

  • Fast acting ejection technology "pops" the TASER BOLT up into your hand
  • Black leather hard case
  • Rugged metal belt clip
  • Snap closure

Get this TASER BOLT holster to accompany your TASER BOLT. This holster is the ideal solution for carrying your TASER BOLT, as it attaches to your belt for easy access. By releasing the magnetic closure, this holster's ejection technology will push the TASER BOLT directly into your hand, providing you with quick access to the powerful self-defense weapon when needed. This holster comes in attractive black leather, matching all kinds of leather belts. TASER® is a registered trademark of TASER International, Inc.

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  By Paul Ward

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  By david martin

"Although the hilster itself seems of high quality the belt retention clamp is a failure. It has came off my belt a least once a day since I started wearing it. The metal cap had also fallen of the clamp. The holster needs either a true belt loop or a clamp that hooks(curves) at the bottom. Will be forced to find a different holster as this one fails."

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  By Mike Hibberd

"This is a great option for everyday use. Still on week one with open carry. Not sure if the swivel clip will last. Time will tell. I really like that the holster has a spring insert that pushes the taser upward when the magnetic snap is released. That makes the taser very easy to extract. "

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  By Christopher Derganc

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