CRKT Tao™ 2 Aluminum Tactical Pen 5.7'' Grey

CRKT Tao™ 2 Aluminum Tactical Pen 5.7'' Grey

Cap is threaded to prevent falling off and provides increased impact!

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Product Features

  • Fully functional Fisher® Space black ink ball point pen
  • Refillable with Fisher® Space ball point cartridges, a pressurized design developed for NASA
  • Tungsten carbide ball point and thixotropic ink
  • Writes in freezing cold, boiling heat, underwater, upside down, and even in outer space
  • Appears non-threatening with a high-tech stylish and futuristic design
  • Self-defense pressure point weapon
  • Constructed from super-strong 6061 precision-machined hard aluminum
  • Increases the power of any strike
  • Three levels of engagement depending on the severity of the situation
  • Lowest threat level: use the impact crown on the cap to strike the assailant on the head or hands by raking or thrusting
  • Medium threat level: use the more pointed butt to thrust at disabling pressure points behind the ears, armpit, or throat
  • Highest threat level: if attack persists thrust pen point in soft tissues of throat, chest, or abdomen
  • Engraved impact crown
  • Flutes and grooves on the pen provide a secure grip and maximum control
  • Heavy cap is threaded so that it will not pull off in use and castellated for greater impact
  • Pewter-toned stainless steel pocket clip
  • Grey non-reflective color
  • Weighs 1.4 oz.
  • Dimensions 5.725" long x 0.555" diameter

The Tao™ 2 Grey Tactical Pen was designed with 6061 aluminum by martial arts expert Allen Elishewitz. Each pen is precision-machined and hard-anodized and can be used to fend off attackers at three (3) different levels of defensive force. It can also write in almost any temperature or at any angle.

What's Included

  • Sturdy Nylon Fabric Case


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